Scenic Rt

Scenic Route between Oxford and the St. Michaels area!

The Oxford Bellevue Ferry, believed to be the nation's oldest privately operated ferry service, crosses the Tred Avon River between Oxford, Maryland and Bellevue, Maryland.

 The 3/4 of a mile trip takes 7-10 minutes. The 20 minute round trip shuttle service can accommodate nine vehicles, passengers, bikes, and motorcycles.
Trailers, RV's and auto clubs are welcome.

St. Michaels, Maryland is a pleasant seven mile bike ride or drive from the Bellevue landing.


OXFORD - 101 East Strand (End RT 333)

BELLEVUE - 5536 Bellevue Road (End RT 329)

(Pull vehicle up to stop sign or in Bellevue walk-ons or bicycles raise call signal at end of pier.)

Our schedule has changed, please see the Ferry schedule section.

Established 1683

Oxford-Bellevue Ferry